Top 10 Questions Companies Ask About Their Group Retirement Savings Program

1.  What fees are we paying?

2.  The MER’s on our funds seem high, can we negotiate lower fees?

3.  How do we make changes to our investment options to remove under-performing funds or add better performing alternatives?

4.  Is someone available to answer questions and provide personalized advice to our employees?

5.  How competitive is our retirement plan relative to our competitors and marketplace?

6.  We hear mixed messages concerning what is an appropriate default fund, what do you recommend?

7.  How many investment options should we make available in our retirement plan to provide enough selection, but not overwhelm members?

8.  Is there a easier, more efficient way to submit our information?

9. We have had a number of service issues and in many ways we feel our business is taken for granted, can we move our retirement plan to a different company?

10. Will the new Pooled Registered Pension Plans I heard about in the news be an alternative for our existing plan?

10 Additional Questions Companies SHOULD Ask About Their Group Retirement Savings Plan